Aquatic Scapers Europe se suspende

En la página del concurso podemos leer la siguente noticia:

Dear fellow Aquascapers from around the world,

today we are sorry to announce that we've decided to discontinue the ASE Contest. The last three years had been a great time with lots of fun, but also with alot of time effort, expenses and work for this contest which have not contributed to more contest participants and interest in the contest like we expected. We do like to put our efforts and our money in other projects in which the European Aquascapers would gain more than from this contest like the Event in January 2012 in Hannover, where we invited Mr. Amano. You can see Mr. Amano live at the 28th of January. More informations regarding the visit of Mr. Amano in Hannover at

We hope that you had as many fun as we did with this contest. Hopefully we can enjoy your future projects at the next IAPLC contest.

Your Aquatic Scapers Europe Team
Tobi, Frank und Carsten

Aunque no sea uno de mis concursos favoritos, es una pena que hayan decidido clausurarlo.

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Alessandro Appiani dijo...

Que pena! Esperamos que en el futuro pueden regresar.